Realtors can learn a lot from Apple…but they won’t

You have to check out the new Apple store at Grand Central Station.  It’s incredible, as is their understanding of consumers.  See this link…and click the View More Pictures tab and watch the cool video.  This stuff always makes me smile, and feel like I’m part of their experience (hint for Realtors).

  • fast check out…with more employees per/sf than any other company in the world, and almost everyone can swipe your card so you can get to work or home fast…or start using your purchase as soon as you’re out the door
  • 15 minute tutorial classes…they know you’re busy and they know how to help you learn everything so fast
  • the most knowledgeable sales people in the world
  • and their web site and marketing provides all the info you could possibly look for and they make it so easy and fun to learn, that by the time you walk into the you’re going to make a purchase.

You may have the most amazing and best priced home on the market, but no one knows that.  You need to get the message accross…online

That’s great marketing!

And people gladly pay a huge premium to own their products!

Great marketing works, and horrible marketing doesn’t.

Tying this into real estate…how may Realtors do you know that are this knowledgeable about their listings, the marketp[lace and everything else real estate?

Knowledge is everything.

So if Apple does this for computers and gadgets, then why won’t Realtors do this for people who are looking to make the most expensive and riskiest purchase they’ll ever make.

Realtors want to believe that what they do is good enough.

Yea right

Just imagine how much faster and for how much more money homes would sell for, if Realtors had great marketing and incredibly trained sales people.

Let us know what you think


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