Stop price reductions for Tenafly home sales

When your Realtors best marketing effort are price reductions…YOU HAVE A


The only thing you get from price reductions, is a guaranteed lower price

a Realtors best marketing approach
  • cutting prices doesn’t create more buyers.  It creates a longer sales cycle because people wait or more price cuts (aren’t we all waiting for more sales and price cuts as it gets closer to xmas and Hanukkah…it’s no different with buying a home


  • when searching the njmls or any other real estate site, potential buyers can’t tell if one home is a better value compared to all the other homes that are listed…so they end up looking at every home the same way
  • And remember that buyers are looking at homes on the web without Realtors, so there’s no one even to interject the thought of VALUE into the conversation

Run from everyone who tells you that it’s all about price…because it’s not

It’s all about marketing and making your home stand out from the crowd…then negotiate the price.

Great marketing equals:

  • a shorter sales cycle
  • higher selling prices
  • beating out the competition

In a future post I’ll discuss why Realtors don’t market homes…it has to due with their unwillingness not to spend money, and not knowing what to do.

Let us know what you think


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