The real cost of cable tv

Thanks to Brian Thompson at NBC New York for tweeting an article from The Good Human web site titled Set-Top TV Boxes use Equivalent Energy Output of Six Coal-Fired Power Plants, that describes the incredible amount of energy that’s consumed by cable tv boxes…when no one’s using them. I have 6 boxes in my home, and after reading this article, I’m going to buy a few timers to see how and if it works.

Next time you look at your ever increasing electric bill, you’ll remember how much it really costs to watch cable tv. This is the hidden costs we don’t think about.  Maybe this will nudge you to turn them off.

Why are companies like Cable Vision, Time Warner etc allowed to get away with this?  It’s one thing that the boxes are still so f’n ugly to look at, but it’s another thing with the amount of money they’re costing consumers, beyond the rip off of cable tv subscriptions…not to mention the unnecessary waste of electricity, when they’re inactive.

Make your complaints about Cable Vision known to

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