The view is unreal from some homes in Mahwah

There’s a lot of hoopla about Mr Patel, who’s now Mahwah’s most notorious person, for cutting down 200+ trees behind his home.  This is a big deal because, he didn’t own the property he cleared.   Great move!

A few questions no one seems to be asking:

  • Are the neighbors deaf where they didn’t hear this.  The constant sound of saw and falling trees and the trucks carting them away had to be noticible
  • How much did he spend cutting down the trees…it wasn’t cheap
  • How did they arrive at $1 million price tag for the trees?  Sounds excessive
  • Wish they showed the site plane in the article…but how didn’t he know that this wasn’t his property?
  • Sounds like the town officials should have known about this as it was happening?  This work didn’t just take a few days

There is a bright side here for the real owners?  Mr. Patel saved the Cantow family the cost of clearing the property, when they go to build on it or sell it.

Whatever happens to Mr. Patel is now in the hands of the court, but he does deserve the dumbest person of the year award.  Good luck dude.

Check out the on  And especially check out the video, because Mr Patel’s attorney’s comments are quite comical.

Luckily for the other neighbors, he didn’t demolish their homes.  But they could be next.




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