Marketing your home on Pinterest

For all of you potential home buyers, aspiring interior designers, home stagers, Realtors and builders you need to put your ideas on Pinterest.

As this New York Times article points out…A scrapbook on the web catches fire…this site is the hottest social network on the web at this time (google it if you don’t believe me).

Every year, there’s another hot new online service, another drain into which to pour your time. Question: Once you’re on Facebook and Twitter and Foursquare and Google Plus and Tumblr and LinkedIn and Instagram and Reddit and Path — when, exactly, do you have time left over for a life?

Pinterest is the fastest we site in history to break 10 million visitors per month.

For home sellers, Realtors and builders where can you find a site that gets this many eyeballs…and where visitors communicate with one another?  You can’t.

If my home was for sale in Tenafly, I’d be in Pinterest showing all the beautiful details, and try to engage other people to talk-up my home to their friends

In the old days Realtors were the hub for real estate conversation and research…but not anymore.  Those days are gone for two reasons: 1/ no one wants to talk to sales people anymore, and 2/ Realtors neglect to provide valuable and essential that today’s buyers want and need.  That’s why the agents phones don’t ring much anymore.

Pinterest is a pinboard for online photos. Multiple pinboards, actually, each an individual page in your Pinterest account. You can make one for Cool Craft Ideas, another for Kitchen Redo Concepts, a third for Places to See Before I Die. Or maybe Books I’ve Read, Ideas for the Wedding, Best Web Comics. The sky’s the limit.

To successfully sell your home…the fastest way possible and for its optimum price…sellers need to attract buyers, hold their attention and engage them in conversation.

Pinterest is the site for you.  And anything is better than an outdated mass market, one-size-fits-all free web listing where it’s impossible for your home to stand out from the competition.


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