Proposed Ft Lee residential towers

Mirrored residential towers








As today’s article on…Ft Lee expert to weigh in on traffic …several proposed real estate projects in Ft Lee are going to cause quite a sir in the upcoming months.

Phase 1 of the project  by Fort Lee Redevelopment Associates, would include:

  • 2-47-story towers, a restaurant,
  • a park,
  • museum (for what who knows)
  • and a three-screen movie theater…that is if the projects is approved in its entirety

Phase 2 will be built by Tucker Development, and would include:

  • 175,000 sf of retail space
  • 475 high rise residential units (for sale or rental?)
  • 175 room hotel
  • and a 25,000 sf movie theater (# of screens ?)

At last weeks public hearing the phase 1 developers traffic expert suggested that the amount of traffic that will be generated from their part of the project would have an almost negligible impact on the current traffic conditions.  They say it would add only another 2 seconds for getting through the intersections.

I can’t wait to hear what the Tucker experts have to say about their traffic report,

These projects will most likely be built, and there will be an increase in traffic beyond what either side will admit to publicly, or can account for with any reasonable certainty.  The developers have a lot of money on the line here and need volume to bring the price of the project and rents to a reasonable price, so people will be attracted to the area.  And on the other hand, Ft Lee desperately needs the tax dollars that will be generated from thse projects…and they desire the upgrades to a somewhat languishing community, and parcel.

Does anyone care what’s right for the community and it’s residents?  Probably not.  But everyone has to weigh the pros and cons for a project of this magnitude and how it will affect the overall community.

  • Retailers need a constant flow of people, and that causes traffic
  • movie theaters cause night time and weekend traffic, and little if any during daytime hours
  • residential towers cause traffic when people come and go to work, and there is no avoiding that.  Mass transit will help alleviate some of the congestion
  • and let’s not forget the impact this will have on the school system…and there is no doubt that it will

One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind…even the developers…their traffic estimates cannot be off by a huge amount, because that in itself can ruin a project.  They understand that if traffic is a nightmare then renters and retailers will opt not to reside in the are.  For all concerned this has to work.  So, the developers need to little leeway here because they can’t afford to fool themselves on this.

Now it’s up to them to sell the community on this.

I can’t wait to see the final outcome.


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