The art of NOT selling your home

This is one of a multitude of things that bothers me to no end about Realtor marketing.  I just received this email flyer from a broker who’s trying hard NOT to sell one of his listings.

If your home was for sale in Tenafly or anywhere else for that matter, and this was the quality of your agents marketing, then you have a major problem.

This is nothing more than going through the motions where agents pretend to be marketing your home. Sorry but hits isn’t marketing.  And what’s worse, in most cases this is the best you’re going to get from an agent.  And this home is priced at $2.1 million.

With this level of marketing, price chops aren’t far behind.

Why do agent believe that this is ok, and why do they make themselves think that it works?

Here is an agent, who is trying to entice other agents to come see his listing, and more importantly to hopefully get the other agents to bring their customers to see the home and buy it…but they’re not telling us WHY I should come see it…other than “the amenities are too numerous to mention!”

Looking at this flyer, what can an agent take from this that would remotely appeal to buyers…hey it has radiant heat?

All they can say is here’s a home for sale…so lets go see it.

What he wan really wants me to do is to come see his listing because he’s to lazy to sell me on it. He wants me to do a better sales job to sell his listing than he’s willing to do for himself.

Hey guys, one of the secrets to getting other agents to help sell your listing, is to HELP THEM SELL IT.  If I have to guess as to why your listing is so wonderful compared to all the other homes for sale, then you’re doing a lousy job of marketing it.

I know that “this is the way it’s done” in realtorland, but this is pathetic!

If this is the best an agent can do for a $100k commission then good luck.

If this agent was sitting in the board room with Donald Trump, what do you think he’s going to tell the agent?

I just deleted the email.


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