Twin Ft Lee residential towers getting closer to reality

Mirror mirror on the wall…I mean on the walls of two 498-foot residential towers being proposed in Ft Lee. Are causing quite a stir.

Two towering structures clad in mirrors was the hot topic of conversation at the last Planning Board meeting.  As written about on

The design feature has prompted criticism from residents worried about the potential safety hazard this may pose to drivers and pedestrians.

Residents are rightfully concerned, the experts tried their best to negate them:

“The glare that results from the sun will never be more intense than the sunlight itself,” said Somerlot, explaining that the building will absorb a large portion of the energy and transmit it inside the structure.

And this comment from the experts has nothing to do with the approval process, but does bring up the question that if so much energy is bring absorbed by the building interiors, will the HVAC systems be equipped to handle such extreme conditions.

Though this glass will have “moderate” reflectivity, the positive tradeoff will be in thermal performance, which usually decreases with less reflective glass.

The glass type used is comparable to that of Times Square Plaza, Trump SoHo Tower and the new 7 World Trade Center in New York, all high-rises Somerlot also worked on. There have been no complaints about glare issues from the buildings so far, he said.

There’s an easy solution to see if in fact the architects are correct about their design preferences: Since they referenced some comparison buildings that they designed which are similar, then maybe it’s a smart idea for the Planning board to take a tour of these projects…so they can see it in action for themselves.  And the town residents who are concerned should do the same.  Go across the rive and see for yourself

Despite some questions about the transparency of the glass and the nature of the glare when coupled with the Hudson River, residents repeatedly drove the conversation back to the ongoing traffic dilemma.

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