Another McMansion…unreal

I’m all for people building a home that appeals to their family needs and lifestyle, but sometimes some people go way overboard…and this is one of those times.

While on my way to the fashion Center in Paramus the other day, I came across this incredibly humongous home that was being built. Seeing this home floored me so much, that I had to take a picture.  This home could be on a double or a triple lot, surrounded by homes that aren’t even close to the same size, design or age of this new home.

Paramus home under construction

As a builder, I would never build such a home on spec, because I’d lose big time. And Realtors would call me stupid and talk down the home, making it even harder to sell.

But here’s someone who decided to build this for himself and his family (I’m assuming a family will be living here). They figure that they found a property(ies) for the right price and just because it’s on a highly traveled road, and surrounded by homes of much lesser value…they didn’t care.  This was going to be there home.  And I assume they know that it’s going to be the most talked about 10,000+ sf home in Paramus.

Hey, maybe this family isn’t so craze, because this doesn’t only happen in Paramus.  There’s one home that I recently saew in Franklin Lakes that makes this home look like a doll house,,,and that home is surrounded by tiny homes…and sticks out like a sore thumb…and I bet that home is 30,000 sf.

This is what America is all about.

Long live McMansions

Franklin Lakes home...which is now completed

One thought on “Another McMansion…unreal”

  1. I’m guessing this is the shithouse across from that Mariner’s Bank I pass on my way to Paramus Park. Everytime I go passed it it just blows me away. I wonder what pompous, pretentious ass is going to live there. You should post a more recent photo up, for the last time I saw it they’d finished it off with the most outlandishly gaudy toppings one could imagine! I mean, Austin Powers wouldn’t even be found dead near this thing.

    I live in Old Tappan. Lived here all my life, nearly 50 years…and it’s gone to yuppie hell like this. In fact, I’ve got a son-of-a-bitch thing Like this McMansion going up across the street from me. It’s at least as big but not Quite as gaudy, but nonetheless they’ve been building it for Over A Year Now and I don’t get any sleep. The street is lined with trucks and all manner of elitist contractors. Can you believe Two ADT Security trucks parked there on and off every few months? Plus Home Theater suppliers galore. This guy thinks he’s King Shit. I count at least 4 garages attached, plus 10 or 12 foot ceilings (so they can hang crystal you-know-what’s down, I assume).

    The real crime is that this isn’t some freak construct. Throughout my town the little old homes are coming down to make way for the pretentious King Shits’ Kingdoms. The forests are being chopped down, these things are going up–and they take up Most of the land, offering nice picture window views…of one another! Frankly, Old Tappan shoudl be renamed NEW Tappan. These people Are NOT the old neighborly folks I grew up with. They’ve paranoid self-absorbed elitist assholes. Take one Step on their front or back property and they’ll lecture you on how it’s their own Private property and how you should take a hike.

    Then the real battles begin because each New McMansion is bigger than the previous ones and the neighbors don’t like competition. They seek ways of expanding their own palaces to at least match the new one. The little battles are things like the size and number of satellite dishes. One person gets a couple 1′ diameter ones. Another neighbor doesn’t like that so he buys 2′ diameter ones. The other guy next door outdoes them with 6′ dishes! And everyone has to have inground pools, even if they don’t swim. Oh, someone just got tennis courts to go along with the pool–now the neighbors have to have their own tennis courts! Even if they don’t play tennis but, you know, they Have To Keep Up and you never know if friends coming over Do play tennis.

    I’m sick to death of these elitist assholes. Not too surprising I’m the last guy left in my section of town who actually cuts his own lawn/shovels his own snow. Everyone else here is too Above that sort of thing–that’s peasant work. They hire these minimum wager lawn services to do all the frigging work for them. That alone places them above me and me below them. They view me as a peasant and won’t give me the time of day.

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