Before and after kitchen design at Tamcrest Estates

This kitchen is from the first home that I built in Tamcrest Estates  (which I also developed) located in both Cresskill and Alpine. I loved working on this space with the owners and their team of designers.  It was a huge undertaking with a long list of critical details to put all the pieces together, but it was well worth the effort.

Raw kitchen space. But it was my office for a short time 🙂

This home was originally started as a spec home. And I choose a more traditional cherry French country-ish look, which is look that I had always loved…and this waqs my chance to do it in a big way (12,000+ sf). But the purchasers had their own ideas, and they were quite different than mine. Having lived in a gorgeous modern apartment in Manhattan, they fell in love with the French country motif I had designed, and they were enthralled with symmetry of the interior spaces…but they wanted something more modern along the lines of a New York Loft. They wanted to see and feel the energy and passion that they came to love in the city…and that’s what the ended up with.

Modern, but with soft lines and color

combining an array of old and new world materials

So with the help of their designer…David Derbyshire from Manhattan, they came up with a completely custom designed modern look that blew me away.


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