New home construction in Tenafly

Here’s a peek at two new homes that are being being built and near completion in Tenafly.  Though Tenafly has it’s share of charming old homes, the ones that aren’t so charming, or would cost too much to  renovate, are being replaced with new new styles that appeals to today’s consumers.

No, these homes are not for sale. But yes they are McMansions compared to the homes that are being replaced.

And yes Tenafly is the hottest market…and it’s a sellers market!

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to build a new home, but new is what people want, and if they can afford it, then they go for it. However, Tenafly is running out of it’s supply of  homes that can feasibly be replaced.

New homes are a big win for everyone who lives in Tenafly:

  • new homes modernize a town and it becomes more desirable
  • a larger tax base is created, because taxes are higher on new homes, and it doesn’t create an added burden for new services
  • new homes creates a higher value for existing homes

This is the changing face of Tenafly.

New home building in Tenafly










New home almost completed in Tenafly

In later posts I’ll highlight some of the fantastic details that make these homes so unique.


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