Design ideas for outdated Tenafly bathrooms

If your home is for sale in Tenafly and your bathroom needs a facelift, then this may be the perfect look for someone who’s moving out of the city, or contemplating the city over the burbs.  And the same goes if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom to something a bit more than the generic suburban stuff you normally see.

Where’s there a law that a shower in a big expensive home has to have a glass enclosure.  Glass is glass…it has no style.  It just keeps the water from getting onto the floor outside the shower.  And it’s a pain in the butt to keep it clear…even if you have someone doing it for you.

This bath arrangement is cool: the shower separated by a cool looking curtain, that can be changed as your taste changes.  And the cool tiered book shelves…and the mini floor tiles and prick patterned glossy wall tiles.

Different and cool.  Definitely no suburban boring.


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