The art of selling your home for less…free web listings

The biggest problem people face when trying to buy or sell a home is the lack of quality marketing.

Your home isn’t being marketed…it’s only being listed!

When this is your best marketing strategy, you have a problem

A listing is not marketing:

  • Marketing differentiates your home, and allows viewers to see why it’s so special
  • Marketing creates excitement
  • Marketing adds value
  • Marketing creates a memorable impression
  • Marketing creates a faster sales cycle
  • Marketing makes your home stand out from the crowd
  • Marketing creates a love connection

Web listings accomplish none of this.  They’re nothing more than today’s online classified ads…and they’re free.If they did work, then these companies could charge us a fortune to place the ads, and we we’d all happily pay the price.

Nothing free has any value

For years, when the market was flying high we could get away with doing nothing:  Homes were sold within minutes, or days after being listed for sale…or even before.  Most homes had multiple offers ABOVE list price…and every home from the ugliest to worst built home, on the worst street…sold without even trying.

Those days are gone!  And it’s not coming back to that extreme for a really long time.

As a recovering builder, I look at the business of trying to sell homes, from a different perspective.  Typical real estate marketing never worked for me, even in great markets.  Left to the typical approach, my homes took longer to sell than they should have, and they sold for less than they should have.

But the major obstacle that sellers face when trying to sell their homes in Tenafly (or anywhere else), when the market, is like it is now…is that your home is still being listed (trying to be sold), the SAME EXACT WAY it was during the high flying times.

You can’t possibly be successful trying to sell your home…in a reasonable time frame and for it’s optimum price…in a horrible economy, as agents did when the housing market was the hottest market in your lifetime.

It doesn’t work. But that’s what Realtors are doing.  Nothing has changed for them.

Does it work to have the same ineffective listing plastered in the same places, that everyone else places their equally crappy listings? Nope!

It’s all about doing some great marketing, and doing everything that agents should be doing, but won’t.

They’ll argue till their last breath that marketing your home doesn’t work.

And all I have to say is…Yea sure!

Throughout many decades of building homes and developing large scale projects, I can tell you from my experience…great marketing works.  And for those who argue that it doesn’t…they just don’t want to spend the money, and make the effort that it takes to make it happen.

Eventually your home will sell.  But how long it takes, and the price it sells for is a product of marketing…or a lack of marketing, and waiting for luck.

What you got away with in the past, doesn’t work anymore.


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