Misrepresenting the facts…false housing data for River Vale

“Great signs” of a fast-recovering market have arrived

Source: northjersey.com

If I didn’t know any better when reading this article I’d think that the market in River Vale and Haworth was doing great, and that maybe it was a great time to look at buying a home in this nice cute town.

But let’s not get to excited, because the numbers don’t coincide with what’s really happening in River Vale.  It’s quite to the contrary.

In a market bursting with activity this spring, River Vale stands out for having new construction as part of its real-estate mix…northjersey.com

But the facts don’t come close to the truth

The facts don’t check out…even for the most optimistic, the best spin that you can honestly say about the market in River Vale, is that it’s stable compared to 2011…which isn’t good.  There is nothing that can be taken from the sales figures that would lead anyone to proclaim “Great signs of a fast recovering market”. 

Sales stats River Vale 2012
Data source: njmls

What is even more misleading about this claim is that a 12% decline in sales in 2012, is compounded on top of a 16% decline in sales in River Vale from 2010-2011

“These homes are very much in demand and are a big part of my very active market,” said Gangi, who sees River Vale as a busy and desirable marketplace.

If only this were true

Doesn’t anyone fact check anything, so consumers aren’t lied to?

It’s hard enough for today’s buyers to gauge what is really happening in the market, but it becomes that much harder when the facts are misrepresented to the media.

It’s time for someone to stand up for consumers, so they don’t get mislead into making bad decisions that could ruin them.  I hate when Realtors do that.  And I hate it more when the media allows it to happen. Who can we trust anymore?

Misleading the public, into believing the housing market is better than it is…’a fast recovering market” shouldn’t be tolerated by the industry.

It’s time to stop.

Honesty is much more appreciated.


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