The sexiest room in your home

Sexy showers by design…it’s all about the fantasy

There’s no denying that we dream up showers and bath suites with one think in mind…sex.  And we design some of them large enough…just for the fantasy…of what could happen, if the fantasy ever becomes reality…and that’s exactly what great designers work to accomplish in these luxurious spaces.

Here are five designers who created some amazing…and sexy bath suites that I found on

As with most of my post, there’s always a marketing twist to it, and this one is no different.  Realtors take note of the great photography, lighting and staging of the pictures (and there’s even some Photoshop involved). These folks were after the WOW FACTOR, and they achieved it…and this is what sellers need as well. This is what creates value…and a love connection.  It’s all about marketing.

Using your imagination and the right designer could turn you bathroom in Tenafly, into your favorite and most talked about spot in your home.

Enjoy SK 🙂

Sexy renovation ideas:

I love love love this! to designer

Orgy shower via

Sexy but masculine

A big enclosed party place

And for a more formal party


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