Super huge homes for sale…but they forgot Alpine’s Stone Mansion

Talking about ultra luxury homes that are for sale and neglecting to mention the Stone Mansion in Alpine, is like talking about Moe and Larry, but leaving Curly out of the conversation. 

As seen on msn REAL ESTATE, this post…10 super-huge homes for sale…presents us with a look at 10 really big homes that are for sale on

Stone Mansion…Alpine, New Jersey

But Somehow msn and missed the Stone Mansion in Alpine, NJ that is for sale at $56 million…it’s 30,000+ sf, with 12 bedrooms and 15 full bathrooms, and 4 half bathrooms.

Check out the video of Stone Mansion

As with everything I write about, I look at real estate marketing from a different perspective.  To me it’s all about marketing and creating a WOW MOMENT when viewers see a home online, and creating value for the home, so it sells for it’s highest possible price:

Trying to sell a home online isn’t much different than trying to find a love connection when using an online dating service like

When you see someone that is beautiful, sexy, and their profiles enhance what you see…you’re blown away! And you can’t wait to find out more abo0ut them.  For the ones who post crappy pictures and don’t make themselves sound appealing or ecxciting…their phone doesn’t ring too often.

The same holds true when trying top sell your home…the better the presentation the more excitement you’ll create, the more your phone will start ringing.

The ironic thing here is that msn does a better job at presenting these homes online than does. Check out the listings for these incredibly expensive mansions, and all you’ll be told is that the homes have rooms and items…but where’s the WOW  descriptions like we would see in Architectural Digest.  Don’t homes of this magnitude deserve a better presentation than the cheapest and ugliest homes on

Great marketing creates value…and poor marketing decreases it.


4 thoughts on “Super huge homes for sale…but they forgot Alpine’s Stone Mansion”

  1. It’s a fantastic home, that has been reduced to $48 million. Selling this is like trying to catch one of the last few fish in the ocean. Unless of course you were trying to sell a $50 million condo in New York City…that’s been fairly easy. Thanks for your reply!

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