Are celebrity homes worth more…P Diddy must be asking the same question about his home in Alpine

As I mentioned in a previous post, P Diddy’s ultra luxury mansion is for sale in Alpine, and I was wondering if his home or any celebrities home was worth more…or a lot more because it’s owned by someone famous.

I just came across a piece in the Huffington Post… Celebrity home prices not seeing a boost from their famous owners… that kind of told me what I had already suspected…celebrities face the same problems that everyone faces when trying to sell their home…the housing crash has touched evey person in the country. And even rich people go for the kill when buying a new home (unless you’re Ryan Seacrest…and go figure that one).

Which leads me back to P Diddy’s home that is listed for $12 million.  Can this home be worth anywhere close to the asking price.  Sooner or later we’ll all see…when it finally sells  But hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

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