Shouldn’t high property taxes in Tenafly get us school sports fields that aren’t dangerous and embarrassing?

Super high property taxes in Tenafly may get you a new $5 million police station, some new cop cars every year, a huge Department of Public Works with lots of trucks, and a well maintained football field next to the middle school…but what it doesn’t get the kids are playable soccer and baseball fields at the schools.

Tenafly Middle School field
Stillman Elementary School field

It’s embarrassing for what we pay that we have to put up with playing fields that look disgusting and are at times dangerous to play on.

And furthermore, it’s incredibly embarrassing to hear the parents from other towns who’s kids play here at times, when they make comments how horrible our fields are.  They literally laugh at us.  Who can blame them!

With a $55+ million annual school budget, Tenafly’s School Board ignores the problems and fails to maintain our schools properties. And this goes a long way to hurt the value of surrounding properties…who wants to look and live near something so ugly.

And it’s not a problem where there isn’t an easy solution.  All it takes is to spread some dirt, roll out the sod and water it.

It’s that simple.

So why isn’t it being done?


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