Sales data: Churchill Rd, Tenafly

Bite size information:

Churchill Rd, Tenafly

You can see more of Churchill Rd on google earth and (I find bing to be the best for viewing streets and homes)

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  • Churchill has been one of the most sought after streets on the east hill
  • All of the properties are one +- acres
  • One new home being built by the owner is massive
  • The slope of the street starting at Woodland can rival any ski run in the Poconos
  • Kids don’t play outside on the street because of the slope, and because the cars travel pretty fast
  • Lots of elementary school age kids, and it’s a short walk to the Smith Elementary School…also a lot of middle  and high school kids as well
  • 15 homes have been sold since 2000…and 12 homes homes were knocked down and replaced with new homes (we all thank you for paying such insanely high taxes)
  • The home are mostly very modern colonials, and there’s even a new ultra modern home mixed in…flat roof and straight angles
  • All of the new homes are amazingly landscaped and most have pools
  • Several ranch homes were purchased and renovated…and look great
  • One home is for sale…it’s a knockdown
  • The average property tax for new homes on Churchill are in the $60k+ range
  • Probably the second most expensive street in Tenafly…along with Oxford
  • There’s also a nature preserve between Woodland and Oxford
  • The average new home is in the 6,00o-10,000+ sf range…plus a finished basement

Chart definitions:
•    The town/state where the buyer is from
•    Date is when the home was sold
•    Green = Price decrease from present asking
•    Red = Price increase from present asking
•    Black = sold at present asking price
•    BR/FB/HB…bedrooms/full baths/half baths
•    All data is from the njmls data base and is available to all member Realtors


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