Hudson Lights get the go ahead from Ft Lee!

The Planning Board on Monday night unanimously approved plans for the western half of a mixed-use development, clearing the way for $1 billion in construction that supporters say will revitalize the borough’s struggling downtown

What could be so bad for Ft Lee to add $5.1 million to it’s tax base?

A lifestyle change for Fort Lee

Nothing but upside…except for some additional traffic (but traffic is actually a good thing for towns that welcome people into their community to shop, dine, work, and live).

The vote appeared to herald an end to decades of false starts and failed efforts to develop 16 acres south of the George Washington Bridge, bounded by Bruce Reynolds Boulevard, Central Road, Main Street and Lemoine Avenue

The reality is, in order to survive into the future, more suburban communities need to allow projects, such as Hudson Lights to be built, or they will continue to decline.

“I know we have a spectacular project – one that, when it is completed, we will all be proud to have,” Richard Tucker (developer) said.

Planned projects like this, is a good thing for a community.  A community can only improve when you take an antiquated area and modernize it for the future.  After a long 20 year process, Ft Lee will finally have a wonderful projects that brings it into the 21st century.

There’s really no downside to the Hudson Lights project which is about to be approved by the town. Hudson Lights will generate a larger financial, and more beneficial long term benefits to the town than the previous project that was recently approved (The Center at Ft Lee). Two residential towers do nothing for the community, but to add a stunning skycap and bring in additional taxes.  But, with the addition of a large retail center, this combination creates a dynamic lifestyle component that you can’t find in but a few locations.

After all the aggravation that is sure to happen during the construction process, Hudson lights and The Center at Ft Lee will be a welcome addition for the region.

Read the entire article here in…Fort Lee planning board ok’s western half of $1B downtown development


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