Mirror mirror on the wall, will Alpine’s luxury home market fall? Or is there still hope?

How much longer can Alpine New Jersey ultra luxury home sales remain in hibernation, before the bottom falls out of the market in this sought after (former) town?

To date in 2012 only seven homes have sold in Alpine, and the most expensive sale in this once sought after oasis for the wealthy, was just a mere $2,835,000.  Compared to all the mega home sales in Manhattan, the Hampton’s and places like Aspen and Miami, Alpine looks as if could be the most forgotten luxury community in the country.

Homes sold Alpine 2012
  • there are currently 42 houses for sale in Alpine
  • 31 houses are for sale priced up to $10 million
  • 11 houses in Alpine are for sale priced for more than $10 million
  • only 7 houses were sold in Alpine in 2012…the lease expensive house sold was $935K and the most expensive home sold to date was $2,835,000
  • the most expensive house for sale, is the mega ultra luxury mansion…wait a minute, where in the heck did Alpine’s Stone Mansion go? The Stone Mansion was priced at $56 million, and now I DON’T SEE IT LISTED!  Something’s going on here, and I can’t wait to see what it is!
  • at this minute the most expensive mega ultra luxury mansion listed for sale in Alpine is on 2 Margo Way…$29 million.  The home was originally listed in for $34 million. Pictures on the mls look like there’s a few dead bodies floating in the indoor pool…tell us what you think it is
Alpine’s Stone Mansion

I’ve been saying it on this blog for a long time…the once be-all-end-all bastions of local luxury real estate is now a faint glimmer of what it once was. I’ve also been saying this since I started developing Tamcrest Estates, but no one was listening.  Now they don’t have a choice but to see the reality of the market. The facts can’t be disputed, and the trends are obvious to anyone who looks at this with an unbiased eye.

Alpine homes for sale priced above $10 million

And it’s not just an Alpine thing.  The ultra luxury market in Bergen County has been decimated by the economy.  What it takes to get this end of the market rolling again is anyone’s guess.

Will it ever recover?

Want to know more about The Stone Mansion, and why Realtors need to upgrade their views of “real marketing”…then check out…The View of An American Masterpiece…on Noisecut.com

It’s all about marketing…and a real estate listing isn’t marketing. It’s just a modern day classified ad.

If you really want a shot at selling your high end home, then you have to jump all over your marketing, and spend money, and an incredible amount of time trying to find that needle in the haystack buyer.Typical real estate marketing just won’t cut it anymore.


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