It’s all about marketing your home: #1

A great picture is worth a thousand words.  But a crappy picture is worth a click of a mouse in search of something much more appealing

Great marketing adds value to a home.

Horrible marketing decreases the value of a home, while increasing the length of time that it takes to sell homes.

Horrible marketing is worse than no marketing, because horrible marketing turns off potential buyers (internet viewers) , and they end up clicking off of these homes in search of something more appealing.

Dark photos, tiny photos, POW looking bedding, photos of toilet bowl cleaners and toilet paper…can you smell it!.  Does this appeal to anyone!

It’s not all about price.

Selling homes has now become all about marketing …grabbing someones attention, and appealing to online viewers, so they spread the message about your home to their friends, family or spouse.

If someone falls in love with your home even though irt’s more money than they wanted to spend, they will still try to find a way to buy it…through neither negotiating a lower price or simply by spending more than they originally wanted to spend.  And this is happening everywhere in America.  It’s still human nature.  And it’s what happens in Bergen County.

So it’s all about marketing and creating a love connection, between your home and potential buyers…and everyone else who helps influence a sale (parents, in-laws, friends, co-workers)…you have to impress everyone who gets into the act, and that cn only be done through marketing.

Here’s a few crappy pictures of some horrible looking rooms that are posted on the mls.

  • this is the art of how not to market a home
  • it’s how to create a longer sales cycle
  • and it’s how to create a lower sales price

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are pictures that only a Realtor can love…and they’re of homes for sale in Tenafly, Closter, Denarest and Cresskill.

I have no idea what Realtors assume will be the response from online viewers.  But if these pictures make me want to puke, then I can only imagine that they will turn off viewer and buyers as well.  And what do these pictures say about the home, the agent and the brokerage company?  Not much.

Selling products in today’s world is all about how well you can do it online.  Selling is now about how great you are at attracting buyers, and enticing them over a long time period and creating value for sellers so that their homes sell faster and sell for the highest price possible.

If this is the best marketing that you’re going to get, then be prepared for mega price reductions.


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