The beauty of white rooms…and home marketing

Here’s a few great design ideas in white, that I came across at le zoe musings

As this site is all about marketing homes so they grab a viewers attention…Realtors can learn a lot from these pictures:

  • this shows how you can take something ordinarily drab and turn it into something really amazing
  • all it takes is some imagination and time
  • staging a room is incredibly important to the marketing process…and for creating value
  • great pictures create a WOW MOMENT…and typical Realtor pictures that are plastered all over the web create SILENCE…NOTHING!

So get rid of all thise crappy pictures from your sites, and toss the cvs disposable cameras that you seeming use to take the pictures and start taking magazine quality pictures of your home or listings…and your home will get noticed faster, sold faster and sold for its highest price.

Mediocrity is not acceptable to to today’s home buyers.

Strive for Neimans quality…not Kmart quality!

If your home is for sale in Tenafly, Cresskill, Alpine, Demarest  or anywhere else locally, this is how you want to present your home.

Buyers will eat it up!


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