Great News…Tenafly home sales increase 36% in July

The housing market in Tenafly regained its sparkle in July with a 36% jump in sales over July 2011

Monthly breakdown: Tenafly home sales

And what’s even better is that this happened one month after a heartbreaking 24% decline in home sales in Jen 2012

An 8% decrease in the dollar volume of  homes sold wasn’t unexpected, because for those of us who have been following the trends in Tenafly, the luxury home niche has tailed off in 2012.

Along with the decrease in dollar volume sales, the average sales price decreased by $99,514…a 10% to $888,079

Up next is a breakdown of Tenafly home sales at various price points.  You’ll be surprised at the stats.

Before you consider buying your dream home, or selling the home you put so muck. love and money into, tt’s important to understand all of the sales stats for the local markets. And the only place to get this valuable information is on EatingRealEstate.  It’s everything you need to know, minus the sales spin.  We let the real facts speak for themselves.


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