More sucko real estate marketing

Does anyone other than Realtors believe that listing product specs, such as room names, and calling out that a home has a FDR, or an MEIl, is considered real marketing?

If you were trying to sell your home in Tenafly for this $2,200,000 would this be good enough for you?  I doubt it!

Let me know what you think.

First of all, just about every home built has a master bedroom…oops an MBR

And just about every home has a dining room and a living room…oops a FDR and an FLR

And just about every single family home that was built after the 1950’s has an eat in kitchen…oops an MEIK

And almost every kitchen has a glass door leading out to a patio or a deck

Can you imagine Mercedes or BMW, just telling you that their luxury cars have 4 WHEELS, TINTED WINDOWS, AC & HEAT, A GAS TANK AND LEATHER SEATS…AND IT’S A MUST SEE! How many cars would sell and how much longer would it take to sell them

Or can you imagine going onto and seeing a sexy woman describing herself as…HAVE BLK HAIR, 2 LEGS, AND 2 ARMS AND HANDS, SIZE 10 FT…AND I’M YOUR DREAM COME TRUE! Would this womans phone be ringing off the hook?  No and she’ll be dateless for her entire life if that’s the way she markets herself!

And just about every home has a master bathroom…and yes with a jacuzzi…or a Kohler whirlpool tub

And I bet that most family rooms (FR) also have a fireplace (fpl)

And just about every home has lots of other rooms and windows, and flooring too.


And I even bet that every home is great for family relaxing or living and entertaining! I really want to vomit when I read this one

Oh yes…and every home has windows that allow natural sunlight into the home.

So my point is, that if all a Realtor says on their listings, is the same thing that all the other Realtors say about their listings, then how the hell do they compete and attract buyers when they read this crap online.

Honey, I just found our dream home, it has an MBR, FLR, FDR AND AN MEIK!  Oh you found the same thing in another house in Tenafly too…and another one, and another one.

Sorry, but no one in the world of real marketing, would consider this to be real marketing

It’s nothing more than a modern day free classified ad.

Sorry, but this is the best they have to offer in the way of marketing your home.

When you find out that this doesn’t work, allow me to introduce you to their next best marketing strategy…price reductions.

Let’s face it…real estate marketing sucks, and that’s why homes take so long to sell and why they sell for less than they should

Good luck, because you’re going to need it.

Sorry, but your home isn’t being marketed, it’s only being listed.

If you’re ready for some real marketing, then email me at


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