Closter home sales stats 2012

Believe it or not,  home sales in Closter are on a roll in 2012.

  • Home sales increased 12% in 2012 from 49 home sales in 2011 to 55 home sales for the same period in 2012
2012 home sales stats…Closter, New Jersey

But what’s a bit of a drag on the number of sales, is the decrease of the the dollar volume of sales and the average price of those sales:

  • the dollar volume of sales is down 8%
  • and the average sales price decreased by 18%

We’ll get into the numbers and why all of this is happening in a future post.

But remember one thing when you’re looking to buy or sell a home…you need to analyze and understand all of the facts.  It’s one thing to believe that a specific town is doing great because of the number of homes sold, but when you take a closer look at the numbers, it may not be even close to the hype.

Buyer beware:  Know the facts before you do anything.


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