New Range Rover U.S. debut tonight at Stone Mansion in Alpine

Range Rover is making its U.S. debut tonight at a special event at the magnificent $56 million Stone Mansion that is listed for sale in Alpine, New Jersey.

The all new Range Rover

This is one way to draw a crowd…and to try to sell a home.

Guess they’re hoping that someone at the event is chummy with a billionaire, who can be enticed to buy this incredible home.

It’s good word of mouth marketing.

I wonder if a few local agent will try to crash the party just to give out some business cards.

Maybe there will even be a fly-over with someone tossing their cards from a helicopter.

It’s rumored that Jay-Z and Beyonce will be in attendance, as well as some our local pro sports players and other celebrities.

You may want to drive by the entrance on Closter Dock Road, to catch a glimpse of the stars…and the car

The paparazzi will be out in Alpine tonight!

Check it out!

Read about the new Range Rover


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