Flood of misinformation about LG project Englewood Cliffs

I just came across a blog called Protect the Palisades…from a group  outside of New Jersey who are protesting the LG project in Englewood Cliffs.

This site is filled with misinformation meant to mislead viewers into believing that the Palisades have always been protected and that after the LG project is built, high rise buildings will pop up everywhere along the Palisades.  They even show a little before and after photo filled with highrise buildings.  What they don’t tell you is that this has been happening for decades.

A monstrous exaggeration meant to scare the unknowing
A monstrous exaggeration meant to scare the unknowing

Here’s some facts:

False: “Such an act would undo a century of conservation efforts and violate the longtime trust respected by others for generations”

Truth: The Palisades begin in Jersey City and end long past the Tappan Zee Bridge.  From the very northern edge of Fort Lee all the way south to Jersey City (where the Palisades begin) there are thousands of buildings over 35′ high including homes that have been built below, into and on top of the Palisades for over 100 years.

LG 2.002

Just a short par 4 south of the LG property are numerous high rise buildings between 6-8 stories high.

Highrises have been built nearby LG for decades
Highrises have been built nearby LG for decades

The reality is, towns from Fort Lee, Edgewater, and everywhere south to Jersey City have embraced new development for decades and even begged for it.  Englewood Cliffs for the most part has hindered it’s ability for modern development because of its outdated zoning.  Unilever has been in Englewood Cliffs forever and the town did welcome CNBC…but they allowed a site plan that basically scorched the land with a huge spread out ugly building and ginormous parking lots.  Poor planning at its best.

False: A 35 ft’ height ordinance is not exclusive to Englewood Cliffs and has nothing to do with the height of the trees along the  Palisades.

True: Towns like Tenafly, Cresskill, Englewood etc have similar height restrictions, and people get variances to build higher.

Highrises are more efficient and they conserve the open space that we all crave.  Lowering a building and spreading it out over a larger piece of land has become taboo and is contrary to what most communities want.

Scorched earth development ruins the environment
Scorched earth development ruins the environment

False: Highrise buildings will be popping up everywhere after the LG building is built.

True: Incredibly misleading.  First, hasn’t everyone noticed that people are fleeing the suburbs for more urban settings.  Second, commercial tenants have no desire to be in this particular area…let alone anywhere in New Jersey.  However, can you imagine the economic improvement if this did happen.  We in New Jersey couldn’t be so lucky!

Additionally, there are no State mandated zoning laws in New Jersey.  Our style of Home Rule enables every town to create their own destiny.  There are 500+ municipalities and every one of them has their own say.

After this debacle no developer or company in their right mind will look to develop a project in Englewood Cliffs. The town has nailed the coffin shut with this mess.






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