Englewood Cliffs protesters mislead public about Samsung’s new corp headquarters

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.56.32 PM
Samsung’s new 10 story corporate headquarters in San Jose


Englewood Cliffs protesters are either being misled or they don’t understand the Samsung corporate headquarters project they want LG to emulate.

In a bizarre comment on northjersey.com regarding the new LG headquarters in Englewood Cliffs NJ, Spokesperson Carin Geiger Of Concerned Residents of Englewood Cliffs wants…

” …LG to follow the example of Samsung in Silicon Valley, where Samsung is building a low-rise headquarters”

What Ms Geiger admires most of Samsung’s new corporate headquarters which is now under construction (as viewed on their website) is it’s height…however if someone cared to fact check the comments as reported on northjersey.com is the new Samsung headquarters is 10 stories high, and is by no means a low-rise building.  As witnessed on several anti LG websites that looks are deceiving to the inexperienced eye…or for those who don’t care to fact-check what they say and print.

New 10 story Samsung headquarters doesn't look that tall but it's 10 stories high
New 10 story Samsung headquarters doesn’t look that tall but it’s 10 stories high

Samsung Building Facts:

  • An old 200,000 sf building will be replaced with a new 10-story 170’ high 680,000 sf building.  LG’s building is lower…143′ high

  • The Town of San Jose and the State of Ca. will will give millions of dollars of tax incentives to Samsung for locating their new headquarters in San Jose.  LG is not asking for any taxpayer dollars

Obviously Samsung’s new headquarters “look” more appealing to Ms Geiger because it looks lower to her…yet it is 10 stories high  and even taller at 170′, than LG’s building…and Samsung’s project contains an additional 8 story tall 1,000′ long parking structure.

  • The Samsung project is more dense and taller as a whole and more in-your-face than the LG project
  • Does Ms Geiger and her group approve of the vast amount of land that the Samsung building eats up
  • LG had the sense to vary the size and heights of their buildings so to not create a huge monolithic massive structure and to buffer the buildings with a virtual forest so it’s not in everyone’s face when driving along 9W…as everything else is on 9W

The New York protesters only concern is to not see the building above the trees, and don’t care what the residents are left with should the building be lowered or far worse…if LG vacates this site.  Do New Yorkers care if a Walmart and Sam’s super center is built on the property?  I doubt they care.

 I PERSONALLY  LOVE Samsung’s plan and how they invite the public to enjoy their space.  This is an incredible idea…and it’s something that Englewood Cliffs would never approve because of an outdated mindset.

If not LG than what: are thousands of housing units or hundreds of thousands of sf of big box retail stores, along with high taxes and massive  traffic part of Englewood Cliffs future?


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