Home and Interior Design

When it comes to buying and selling homes, great designs are what sets your home apart from other homes for sale.  If your home looks like everyone elses home, then your value will be no greater than theirs.  Even the littlest of differences can have a huge impact on the saleability and price.

My aim through this site is to teach you the nuances of how make your home different so it stands out from the crowd and grabs a buyers attention, and to create more value…so your home is worth more.

Contrary to what realtors believe, selling your home isn’t all about price.  Believe me, once someone falls in love with your home, they’ll buy it even if they have to spend more than they had hoped to.

The love connection drives the desire and price;


The first thing someone thinks about when looking to buy a home is, can that particular home meet their family and lifestyle needs.  This is what gets the fantasy going about owning a particular home.

  • How are they going to feel every morning when they wake up, and when they have to make the kids breakfast every morning, and lunch and dinner.
  • And what will they do when all is finally quiet when the kids are all asleep…how will we use the home.

The layout has to work, but keep in mind almost any layout does work.  You can have parties in large homes and you can have great parties in small homes and apartments.

I had some of my best times in my first apartment…all 350sf of it

A home is where you create your family’s history. From the day you sign that purchase contract that’s when your life at that home begins, and gets built upon for years and maybe even decades.  It’s where all your memories start and end each day of your life.


My love of building, and marketing homes also brings me into the world of interior and exterior design.

Design is a fantasy world.  It’s where we let our creative juices flow and let our minds run wild…and it doesn’t have to be an expensive venture…though it does always end up costing more than you wanted it to cost.  But it’s usually worth it.

Like I said, when you find something you really love, you’ll want it, and you’ll find a way to talk yourself into buying it

I show how to take raw space and make it exciting and how to make it yours,  As a builder and designer, this is another way that my experience and knowledge helps buyers and sellers to get everything out of the experience

Spec home by Steven Konefsky…taking raw space…
…and turning it into something exciting

Interior design is where every home buyer finds themselves, every time they look at a home either online or in person.  It’s the place you in the moment and you find yourself imagining if you can live in this environment, and imagining how you’ll use the space every day. Or, what you’ll have to do different to make it yours.

When I design and build a home (or any project),  I have to put myself in the consumers shoes and figure out how will they decorate the space, and how will they use it as time goes on, and their family grows,  and their needs change…as their kids grow up.

When building or buying a home, you just can’t think for today.  Baby’s grow out of their cribs real fast, and parents and the kids want a “big kids” room.  And then, as I’m experiencing now,  just like adults your kids needs and wants…and tastes change.

…and this is the WOW

When selling existing homes, I’m in tune with what buyers are looking for, and how they look at space.  And my challenge is to help them imagine how they can take a room in someone’s older home, and  transform it into their more modern home.

My goal in presenting pictures of unique interiors and exteriors, is to help buyers to take a space and make it theirs.

This is a major item that every realtor and brokerage firm neglects in their marketing and sales efforts.  Somewhere in the back of their brain they know that buyers will eventually re-decorate an entire home, but it never goes any further than the thought.

Boring can turn into exciting, and ugly can become beautiful.

This is another way that I help home buyers.

Who else will do this? 

No one!


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