Market Facts


  • Before you put your home up for sale, you need to know exactly what is happening in all the price points in your local market.  Tenafly for example has a number of micro markets, and they’re all performing differently.  So if your price point is the HOT market (under $1 million), then you should be asking the maximum price possible…because there’s not a lot of competition, and the DEMAND is HOT!
  •  And you need to know what the competition is doing…otherwise how are you going to price your home incorrectly, because Realtors are scared to push for a higher price…it’s not in their DNA to do so.
  • And just remember, that what’s in a Realtors best interest, may not be in your best interest…and if you allow them too, they’ll push your price way lower than it should be.  This always happened to me as a builder, but I fought back and pushed the limits on my prices…and I always sold my homes for more than they would have sold them for.

Honestly, most agents have no idea what sales stats are, and they don’t care…they just want to show homes.  But you have to care, because it’s your money at stake.


Before you plop down your hard earned life’s savings on a home, you better know the facts inside and out…because you are taking all the risk, unlike a Realtor…when they close on your home, they’re out.  However, If you make a mistake, then you’ll have a major problem that can sink you.  And don’t say it can’t happen.

Before you consider buying or selling a home in Tenafly or any other town, you need to have a complete understanding of how that market is currently performing…and how it performed in the PAST…short term and long term.

The reason is simple: some markets are performing anemically, some are doing ok, and a town such as Tenafly, it’s flying high, compared to some other towns.

You too eed to be aware that every town has it’s own niche markets…and some of the niches are fantastic, while others downright suck.  All in the same town

2011 home sales for Tenafly and surrounding towns

It’s important that you completely understand what is happening in the markets where you are considering moving to.  Buying a homes isn’t like buying other products.  When you buy a home you are in it for the long haul.  I’ve made my share of mistakes buying properties to build homes on, because I didn’t pay attention to the marketplace.

One of the last homes I built was in Haworth…and had I paid close attention (any attention) I would have seen that the market in Haworth wasn’t anything close to what the Realtor had told me.  The market had actually stopped dead at least one year before I ultimately purchase the property.  Had I known that…I would not have purchased the property.  Stupid me.

That kind of stupid, and avoidable mistake, will never happen to me again.  And I want to help make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.  These are the mistakes that can easily end up costing you a fortune.

Ultra luxury home sale stats

What I do is real simple:

  • I provide you with real time, up to date stats (charts and graphs) for every tome that you have an interest in.  I’m telling you that Tenafly is the hottest town in the area, and I back it up with facts.  Home sales in Tenafly are on fire…and it’s now a sellers market.  I back that up as well.
  • I also provide stats going back for many years, so you can see exactly where we came from, and where we stand right now.

There’s no industry or self serving bs here.  It’s just the facts. And wherever the numbers land, that’s where they land.

I guarantee you that no one else will provide you with such valuable market informational…unless they steal it from me.

And even if they did, they wouldn’t understand what it means.

The best way to sell your home for it’s highest value, and the best way to buy a home in the right town at the right time…and not over pay for it, is to know the facts.

Other than me, who else will provide you with this information…and do it online!

No one…but me!


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