One of the most important aspects about selling or buying a home is the neighborhood.

And the neighborhood is the most most overlooked item by Realtors.  Fine me a site anywhere in Tenafly, Cresskill, Alpine or anywhere else in Bergen County that describes your neighborhood. It doesn’t exist

Show me a web site or an agent who has pictures of the homes in the neighborhood, that they can email or they can show in person, who may be interested in buying a home on that street.  It doesn’t exist

Show me the stats for that street. It doesn’t exist

This is the valuable information that every buyer is looking for when searching  for a home on the web…and that is almost 100% of potential home buyers.

But there’s nothing for them to look for.  Realtors blow that opportunity big time.

How much faster would the sales process be if buyers had all the valuable information they were looking for right at their fingertips…at the exact time they were looking for it.

Providing valuable content would reduce the selling time, and it would increase the value of your home at the same time.

That’s a cool approach!

Here’s what I’m doing to help buyers and sellers

I’m presently putting together  a picture and video slideshow of every home on every street in Tenafly.  And I’m also going to show the the sales data for that particular street.

It’s a gigantic time consuming task, but this is what consumers need to help them make serious decisions.

This is my part to help make it easier, less time consuming and a lot less stressful for buyers and sellers to do their thing.

This is everything I needed from my agents when I was building, that would help make it easier to sell my homes…but no one ever provided it.

So here it is…starting now.

Just go to the sidebar and look under the Categories for Neighborhoods and click





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