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Arguments against LG headquarters fail against the facts

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I was browsing through the Sunday NY Times a few weeks ago and came across an article in the Real Estate section (sorry I don’t remember the name) about one of the areas north of the GWB along the Hudson River…and the photo used in the article caught my attention.

The photo was meant to highlight the NY side of the Hudson River, but it also showed an often unseen view of the New Jersey side of the River which has suddenly become one of the most beautiful sites to some New Yorkers.

Who would have ever thought that New Yorkers now believe that New Jersey is beautiful to look at!  Go figure!

Guess what you see in this photo looking into New Jersey?

The Palisades and lmany high rise buildings that stand above the trees of the Palisades and act as a backdrop behind the tree line that  those who are protesting the LG corporate headquarters in Englewood Cliffs say doesn’t exist.

There must be 20 or so buildings that are visible along the Palisades from Fort Lee through Englewood Cliffs…and Saint Peters College (you can’t see in this photo), which is smack dab visible in the middle of the Palisades.  And once you approach the Tappan Zee there hundreds of homes and dozens of existing buildings visible to New Yorkers

Buildings above the tree line exist.  This is nothing new except to those who want to take  property rights away from New Jersey land owners so no one in New York has to look at buildings as a backdrop.

These buildings exist!  The LG protesters call them high rises and towers just to scare people but they’re lower than most of the buildings on the NY side of the Hudson.  What New Yorkers normally consider high rises and towers are those really tall buildings that have sprouted up everywhere in NYC for a century and are getting taller by the minute, especially around NYC’s prized Central Park.  An 8-10 story building in New Jersey isn’t a tower or a highrise that is unless you’re the ones protesting it…then it becomes a monster building that will turn our State into something really ugly.  It’s amazing that some New Yorkers suddenly care so much about New Jersey.

To the LG protesters, I say check out the upper right part of the photo that was taken by the NY Times and look at all of those buildings…that stand above the tree line.

This vista remains spectacular and sexy and won’t make anyone in New York look at this view in disgust or force them to turn the other way because the LG building will have a Kryptonite effect if you look at it.

And believe me, when you all go to sell your  apartments along the Hudson you’ll  point out the spectacular view of New Jersey as the most amazing view around.  And you’ll charge more for your homes because of that view!